A super quick 20 minute morning workout

Morning Man

The way you wake up in the morning affects the rest of your day—diet and training included.

A quick morning workout “jump starts” your metabolism and help you burn more calories throughout the day.  Perform as many round of this quick and easy workout as you can in 20 minutes.  Ready, set, GO!

1 minute of marching on the spot (bringing knees high and incorporating arms)

+100 jumps (jumping or walking legs outwards whilst bringing the arms out to the sides then back in).

30 Chair Squats – base weight through heels; stand up from chair with straight back, sit back down slowly. If this is too advanced, do as many as possible in 2 minutes.

Press Ups – From feet or knees, or full drop, arm spread variety (hands a little wider than shoulders bringing chest down between hands).  Complete as many as you can in 3 minutes, mark your number down to try to do better next time.

20 each side Donkey Kicks – On all fours, extending leg back and squeezing gluts and lower back. Hold abs in.

20 Crunches – Lie on the floor with spine neutral (you should be able to just get one hand under lower back). With fingers next to temples and elbows out, maintaining an apple sized gap between chin and chest press lower back into the floor (flatten the rib cage) by lifting head and shoulders from the floor.

Cool down

50 star jumps that slow down across the reps

Stretch – Calves, gluts, Hamstrings, Quads, Chest, Back

To get the most from your exercise, boost your metabolism and support recovery by following up your workout with a protein shake within 30 minutes of finishing up. Impact Whey Protein with a teaspoon of Mānuka.  Honey will help replace energy stores in the muscles and give the body the building blocks it needs to recover by providing carbohydrate and protein. This is great for curbing sweet cravings and making you feel fuller for longer.


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