Tried & Tested: OPPO Watch Review

Black OPPO watch

It’s quite amazing how much of a role tech now plays in our daily lives. Without realising it we would probably be lost without our favourite tech devices. That’s not to say that we could not function without them, but they sure do make juggling our routines and workloads a whole lot easier.

In much the same way that smartphones were a huge game changer quite a few years back, smartwatches are now having the same effect. I’m old enough to actually remember a time (and it wasn’t all that long ago) when the notion of a phone being like a mini-computer in your pocket seemed like pie in the sky.

Black OPPO watch

Nowadays we can benefit much the same way from a compact little smart device on our wrists. Recently, I’ve started using the new OPPO smartwatch to see how it helped me to get the most out of my day.

Before I even go into the benefits of the OPPO watch I firstly wanted to make a point about the look of it. It’s a very minimalistic and sleek looking watch that has a sporty edge but also stylish enough to complement a smarter look. As someone who doesn’t always wear a watch, I also found that the rubber strap makes it comfortable to wear, even when I was doing an intense workout.

One thing that I quickly got to love about using the OPPO watch was how it assisted me in so many aspects of my day. On the face of it, I really wanted the watch as a tool to track my fitness progress but I quickly learned that it was a great help with lots of other things too.

Black OPPO watch

We all have loads going on nowadays. As well as work, we have family commitments, friends to see, work to keep up with and travel to plan. In fact, without maybe realising it, we are a nation of Polytaskers. We juggle different roles and identities, often at the very same time and tools like the OPPO watch make this seamless.

The OPPO watch has all of the usual fitness tools, like heart rate tracking, calorie and step counting but there’s a lot more to it. I love the sharp, bright AMOLED screen and the great choice of displays, or ‘faces’ as they are known.

You can use the Google Assistant to quickly find the answers to all of those burning and urgent questions and set up Google Pay to make checking out when you’re in a rush that bit quicker.

The 41mm BT OPPO Watch is available to purchase in the UK on Amazon now priced at a reasonable £229 and the 46mm eSIM version will be available to purchase later this month.

Learn more about the OPPO Watch here.


This is a partnership post in collaboration with OPPO.

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