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My wine journey (and my new-found love of red in particular) actually started on a long-haul flight.  Now I know that the connoisseurs out there will probably tell you that altitude is the worst place to properly taste wine as out taste buds are completely altered up there.  Time after time I had politely declined the crew’s offer of wine with the meal service but on a night flight over the Atlantic, I took a notion to try the red.  As I was clueless about wine, I asked the steward to recommend one and so they did.  It was a Cabernet Sauvignon and after those first few sips, I savoured every last drop.

I’m now a couple of years into my wine journey and, while still not an expert I’ve had time to try a few others and discover the types of wines that I like and those which I also dislike.  I quickly discovered that my wine of choice was generally of the red variety.  I’m not a massive drinker in general but that experience of a nice glass of red with dinner or on a chilled evening is something that I’ve really grown to enjoy.

fine wine millesima

Finding nice wines is something that I’ve realised is not always easy.  I’ve finally realised the obvious and that the cost of the bottle does not always signify the best taste.  The nice labels don’t mean nice wine and so on.

After spending some time sampling a few wines from supermarkets I found the Millesima online wine shop.  It’s an amazing destination for wine lovers and has grown from humble beginnings in 1983 to become Europe’s leading fine wine mail order merchant.

They specialise in a unique range of Bordeaux wines from all the best appellations of the region, in a range of vintages but on top of this they have a very expansive range of wine from the other regions as well as the Champagne, Burgundy, Rhone Valley, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon, South-West, Corsica, Alsace, Loire Valley as well as a great foreign offering.  In fact, they stock around 2.5 million bottles of wine so if you can’t find something that you like on there, you are most definitely doing it very wrong!

The website is very well laid out so if you know what you are looking for you can quickly navigate over to that but if you enjoy a bit of a discovery mission then it’s great just to browse the collection.  They offer very detailed descriptions of each wine, so you have a lot of useful information and tasting notes to go on before deciding what to purchase.

And the best part is, once it has been very carefully packaged at the Millesima warehouse in Bordeaux, it’s all delivered directly to your door.  Now tell me that doesn’t sound good.


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Millesima

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