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Why you should think about updating your mattress

I know that there is probably a big lost of things that you would rather do with your money than invest in a new mattress, but there’s a few reasons why buying one should actually be at the top of your list.  Sleep is important and sleep is something that […]

The Everyday Man

The 2019 Terre D’Hermes Limited Edition Bottle is here

I’m very much of the mindset that classic fragrances should not be meddled with.  After all, they are classics for a very good reason.  Terre d’Hermès is of course one such scent known for its citrus tops notes and woody base.  Instead of altering the recipe for the fragrance, Hermès have produced an […]

The Everyday Man

This new grooming oil from ESPA has 3 handy uses

Over the past few years I’ve kept my stubble pretty short.  It’s actually never been any more than a few days growth in fact, but a couple of months back I decided to just let it grow for a couple of weeks.  Ive been pretty happy with how it looks […]

The Everyday Man

Gillette have just launched a new razor to tackle sensitive skin

Gillette have just introduced their first razor clinically proven for sensitive skin, the SkinGuard Sensitive has been specifically designed to stop the irritation many men with sensitive skin experience when shaving.  Featuring a unique guard bar positioned between the blades, the brand new innovation gently smooths and flattens the skin […]

The Everyday Man

Checking into the new Hotel Indigo Dundee

When choosing a city break destination in the UK, Dundee might not have been the top of your list, but the small Scottish city has had a lot to shout about over the past year and makes the perfect spot for a night away.  Most notably, the opening of the […]

A Weekend Test Drive in the new Mercedes-Benz A Class

The Mercedes A-Class may be the smallest member of the carmaker’s family but it’s a car that has been a favourite with the public for years and with the recent launch of the newly remodelled version for 2018 that doesn’t show any signs of changing. I’ve always been a big […]