yale outdoor camera

Yale All-in-one Outdoor Camera Review

As our homes continue to get smarter and smarter the array of connected gadgets available to us keeps getting larger. Home security cameras used to involve a very clumpy setup with lots of wires, huge, unsightly camera and a monitor in the house for watching the footage back. Thankfully this […]

fine wine millesima

Millesima, the easy way to order fine wine online

My wine journey (and my new-found love of red in particular) actually started on a long-haul flight.  Now I know that the connoisseurs out there will probably tell you that altitude is the worst place to properly taste wine as out taste buds are completely altered up there.  Time after […]

DS 3 Crossback review

DS 3 Crossback Test Drive

DS, in case you are still unfamiliar with this relatively young car brand, are a standalone luxury car brand within the PSA family (Citroen, Peugeot and Vauxhall) that were created to meet the growing luxury market.  Initially, the first carnation of the DS3 that was unveiled back in 2009 was […]

The Everyday Man

Perfecting your sleep environment

Perfecting a good morning routine forms a great foundation for the day ahead and I think it all starts the night before.  Waking up feeling refreshed and raring to go all depends on having a good sleep doesn’t it?  I’m pretty fortunate that I’m a pretty good sleeper on the whole, […]

Seaside Palm Beach Hotel in Maspalomas

Seaside Palm Beach, Gran Canaria Hotel Review

Gran Canaria had never been top of my travel bucket-list but when I was introduced to Seaside Palm Beach in Maspalomas that changed very quickly. After a fairly busy start to the year I was on the hunt for somewhere sunny and chilled to spend a few days by a […]

Heverlee Beer

A visit to Belgium, the Home of Heverlee Beer

Over the years, I’ve sampled rather a lot of different Belgian beers, but I’d never actually been to the country so when an invitation from Heverlee dropped into my inbox inviting me on a trip to discover their heritage I jumped at the chance. I first tried Heverlee about 5 […]

The Everyday Man

Creating a cool picture wall + Desenio Discount Code

When it comes to my interior taste, I’m very minimal. I love a clean, bright white wall and a just a few select accessories around a room.  I like to think quality over quantity and instead of just picking up random bits and bobs, I like for an item have […]