Points to Check Before Purchasing a Used Car

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Overall, it is better to turn to a reputable car dealer when seeking a second-hand model. Although you may do very well by buying from a private seller, there are few guarantees. When it comes to used cars, buyers should always be wary. That said, with a used car dealer, you have some comeback. Many offer warranties and perform their own safety checks before selling cars. That’s something virtually no private seller would offer you. If you are in search of a second-hand car, then do check out KAP Motors Used Car Brighton Centre and you might just be able to secure an amazing steal for yourself. Either way, what checks should you make before buying?

Service History

Firstly, you want to know that the car you are considering buying has been well-maintained. Look for the log book to check how frequently the car has been serviced and whether or not it has needed parts to be replaced. Cars with poor service histories are harder to sell when you want to upgrade your vehicle, too.

Independent Inspections

Unless you are a mechanic, you might want to consider an independent inspection report. In other words, you don’t have to take a seller’s word for it that the car they have on the market is a ‘good runner’ or ‘has only been driven by one careful owner’.

Test Driving

Don’t buy a car without taking it out for a spin. Start the car when it is cold – not warmed up – so that you know it is a reliable starter. You don’t have to drive miles but try to hit some open roads to get it up to at least 60 miles per hour.

Tyre Inspection

Always look at the tyres of used cars. Check that the legal tread depth is in place or insist the tyres are changed before buying. Look for signs of wear on the sidewall of each tyre, as well. Any bulges could be a sign that the tyre will blow which would be dangerous.

Fluid Levels

Get under the bonnet and have a look at all of the liquid reservoirs. The power steering fluid, the brake fluid and the engine oil should all be topped up or close to it. If not, then this is a tell-tale sign that the car hasn’t been well looked after. If the screenwash is down, then this isn’t necessarily a sign of a problem but fill it up and check for potential leaks.

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