‘Purienne’ Natural Beauties by Henrik Purienne

Purienne a book of beautiful girls by Henrik Purienne

Henrik Purienne, the South African photographer has recently released his collection ‘Purienne’. The book has a heavily voyeuristic tone to it, you almost get the idea he was lurking around the bushes at the edge of the beach waiting for the right opportunity to get the shot.  It works perfectly in grasping the relaxed care free nature of beach life.

The images of these beautiful girls are captured a very natural looking environment, there is no (obvious) re-touching or airbrushing in sight.

Henrik roamed between Cape Town, California and the South of France while taking the “snapshots, portraits and outtakes”.  The photographs radiate a vintage aura achieved through the natural light and styling.  There is no doubt about the sexy and attention grabbing style of this book however due to the completely relaxed angle this collection retains a sense of innocence and beauty.

‘Purienne’ is a great piece of art, it’s that simple.

The photobook ‘Purienne’ is available to buy now from Prestel Publishing.

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