Review: (Malin+Goetz) Shampoo & Conditioner


When it comes to shampoo & conditioner, my favourite my brand of choice is generally whichever one so happens to be sitting next to the bath.  Be it for dry hair, coloured hair, frizzy hair I normally pay little attention. I am guessing you more than likely do the same?  When it comes to my hair styling products on the other hand I pay far more attention. I prefer to stick to my favourite brand (label.m) and rarely experiment with anything new.

As I have a tad more hair on top nowadays than normal I decided that it was time to pay my shampoo a little more attention.  Recently I was browsing the haircare pages on Brummells of London when I stumbled across the (Malin+Goetz) range.  Firstly I loved the no-nonsense packaging that consisted of a plain white bottle with the ingredients and all you need to know information about each product.  I did a little research into (Malin+Goetz) and discovered they were a New York based skincare brand specialising in products for sensitive skin made from natural ingredients.  All sounded good to me, so I decided to give a few of their core items a try.

I tried the Peppermint shampoo, which had a really subtle peppermint scent which emanates a nice relaxing feel as you wash your locks.  I think there is something really clean and fresh about minty products which is a big tick in the box for me.  They recommend using a small amount and that really is all you need as it lathers really well and the gentle tingling sensation gives it an extra clean feeling.

Next up was the Cilantro hair conditioner which is marketed for ‘all hair types’. Again just a little is needed as it seems to go a long way.  Another fresh invigorating small that leaves your hair feeling shiny and healthy without being greasy like some other brands.

I tend to wash my hair a couple of times a day especially on training days so finding a product that is gentle and suitable for daily use is key.  After a week’s solid use I have noticed a definite difference and think I have been converted to the (Malin+Goetz) way, so much so I am trying out the grapefruit face cleanser next…

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