Revolutionising the night – Mumm launches the world’s first digitally connected champagne bottle


Champagne is already considered the crème de la crème of celebration drinks but one leading label is about to take things to a whole new level. Maison Mumm has just announced its launch of the world’s first ever digitally connected champagne bottle.

So how does that all work then work I hear you ask? Well it is not as complicated or scary as it sounds; simply put a special sensor on the champagne bottle that will recognise that precise moment when the cork is popped and immediately link with the venue’s audio and visual system to create a truly immersive sound and visual spectacle! Can you imagine the explosive atmosphere when you pop a connected bottle as the pièce de resistance of your party or big occasion?

The inspiration for the new technology was the rather electric atmosphere we already associate with a Formula 1® podium celebration. Even when you watch on TV you get a real sense of the buzz when the HUGE bottle of champagne is sprayed by the race winner.

Mumm enlisted Mark Ronson, widely regarded as one of music’s coolest guys to help launch the connected bottle at the Monaco Grand Prix this past weekend and he had this to say, ‘When I popped the cork of the Magnum of Mumm it was an unforgettable moment of celebration, and being at the Monaco Grand Prix on board Mumm’s private Yacht was the perfect setting.’

Maybe not one for every night down the pub but for those big nights throughout the year this could really add a big bang to any celebration – and of course as fun as this all sounds remember to always drink responsibly!



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