Schhh, Nicole scherzinger is creating a brand new show for P&O Cruises

The sensational Nicole Scherzinger, who currently captivates audiences in London’s Sunset Boulevard, is preparing to set sail in style! And when we say “set sail,” we mean she’s getting ready to deliver a dazzling spectacle designed exclusively for P&O Cruises. This is a nautical experience you won’t want to miss. The renowned Pussycat Dolls star was recently named the godmother of P&O Cruises’ newest ship, Arvia, and now her partnership with the cruise line is expanding as she creates an exclusive show to enthrall onboard passengers. Get ready for theatrical experiences that are nothing short of enchanting!

“As someone who’s never been shy about my love for the ocean, I’ve always been a fan of sailing. It’s a natural progression for me to create a show that reflects my own passions, tailored especially for the P&O Cruises audience.” – Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole is a phenomenal performer known for her perfectionism in her work. Rest assured that this brand-new show, set within the Skydome, will be a sight to behold. The story of Schhh follows the Goddess Hina, who takes the audience on a journey through uplifting and electric music. Hina finds her strength from the moon and ocean to grow and find her potential and empowerment, breaking free and creating her own destiny.

The immersive show, which will take place once a week, will be introduced to P&O Cruises guests via a ‘Chinese whispers’ effect that will start to ripple around the ship, calling the audience to the Skydome to enjoy the show, which will run for three hours. And let’s not forget the unique ambiance of P&O Cruises, with its multitude of bars, tantalizing cuisine, and beautiful destinations – it all adds up to a one-of-a-kind experience.

Schhh will make its debut on Arvia early next year.

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