Sennheiser Momentum 2.0i On-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Headphones

Sometime last year I managed to lose my old pair of Sennheiser headphones while travelling.  I’m sure I left them in a hotel room in New York but when I called the following day there was no trace of them.  Pretty gutted I was to be honest.

Since then I have tried a few cheaper sets and some from the other leading brands in my quest to find a replacement but nothing seemed to come close.  It wasn’t just the clear audio I liked with the Sennheiser headphones it was he design, the size, the comfort and the fact they stayed on my head while doing cardio.  These may all sound like pretty bog standard things but it seems that so many of the sets on the market fail at one or two of these important points.

This time around I opted for the 2nd generation Sennheiser Momentum 2.0i On-Ear Headphones in black (of course).  When you first open the Sennheiseer Momentum box you instantly are hit with the wow factor, it is obvious that these are a quality piece of audio kit that merges contemporary colours and materials with timeless design.  The ear pads are made from the softest leather I’ve pretty much ever felt which gives extreme comfort.

The sound quality really is near to perfect.  It’s loud and clear with no escaping beats which means I won’t annoy the person sat next to me on the train or embarrass myself with my terrible choice of music in the gym.  The on wire remote control has also been designer to work inline with ios products which comes in handy when you receive a call when running or in the gym.

They don’t come cheap, with the pair I’m using costing £169.965 but like I said earlier I have tried many of the cheaper brands and they really come nowhere close.  Make the investment and these will last you years, unless you are daft like me and leave them lying around somewhere…


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