The best locations to travel to in a private jet

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Chartering a private jet gives you a world of opportunities. No longer tied to constraints such as flight times, private jets give you the flexibility you need to see the world. Therefore, it’s no wonder that private jet usage has skyrocketed.

But with access to the most exclusive places in the world at your fingertips, choosing where to go can be challenging. To help you plan a world-class trip, we’ve summarized some of the best locations you can travel to in a private jet below.

St Barts, Caribbean

Top of the list is legendary St Barts. Known as the number one destination for the world’s most affluent individuals, St Barts boasts exotic scenery and crystal-clear waters. The ideal fusion of beauty and luxury, St Barts has an excellent choice of distinguished accommodation from which to choose.

If you haven’t chartered a jet before, it’s worth looking into private jet prices so you can visit this exquisite island in extreme comfort. 

Tiwi Island, Australia

Nicknamed the ‘Island of Smiles’ Tiwi Island is a unique haven that you won’t want to miss. Displaying a thriving Aboriginal art culture, fishing lodges, breathtaking coastal landscapes, and amazing sunsets, Tiwi Island is a destination with so much more to offer than meets the eye.

Fly into Tiwi Island and experience the island’s traditional lifestyle and love of football or simply sit back and take in all this island has to offer.

Lanai, Hawaii

If you’re looking for somewhere undiscovered yet luxurious, Lanai is a strong contender. The smallest inhabited island in Hawaii, Lanai has so much to offer visitors. Sitting just nine miles from Maui, the island of Lanai is home to swathes of luxurious resorts.

Sitting off the beaten track, a trip to Lanai is bound to bring you serenity, harmony, and relaxation.

St Moritz, Switzerland

The birthplace of Alpine winter tourism, the quaint town of St Moritz in Switzerland is a luxurious escape for people looking to stay within Europe.

Lining the streets are world-class restaurants, luxurious hotels, and designer shops to fulfil your every whim.

In summer, you’ll be able to explore the natural beauty the town has to offer by way of hikes, mountain bikes or watersports. In winter, you’ll be free to explore 350 kilometres of pistes and test your skills.

Final thoughts…

If you’re looking to avoid the possibility of cancelled long-haul flights, lengthy airport queues, and underequipped airport lounges, chartering a jet is the solution. Yet with the world at your fingertips, choosing your next holiday destination can be a tall order. If you’re not sure where to choose, by opting for one of the above destinations, you’re sure to have a luxurious trip that lives up to your expectations – whatever it may be.

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