The Bosch FreshUp is our gadget of the year!

Bosch FreshUp odour eliminator review

The Bosch FreshUp is without a doubt my favourite new gadget of the past year. If you’ve not seen me post about it on Instagram over the past months, it’s a brand-new tool that uses cutting edge plasma technology to eliminate odours from fabrics.

The Bosch FreshUp itself is no bigger than a smartphone which makes it ideal for use when you are on the go. I keep mine in my backpack as I carry that around with me most days, but it’s great for travel, for keeping in the car or for tucking away in your office drawer.

I find it works best if you lie the item of clothing flat on a table or ironing board and simply pass the FreshUp over both sides of the fabric. Watch for the light on the front switching from white to purple to ensure the plasma is activated. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to completely treat an item, then you’re good to go. It doesn’t use water or detergent so doesn’t leave marks, dampness, or residue which means you can wear the item right away.

After too long a time in lockdown earlier this year and having lived in gym wear for months, I made great use of it by freshening up my jackets, jeans, and other garments before their first wear again. This meant that I didn’t have to re-wash clothes that were already clean, but which had got a bit musty over time. Likewise, it’s very handy for dry clean only items between putting them in for a treatment.

The FreshUp really comes into its own when travelling though as it allows you to pack that bit lighter while ensuring that your clothes always smell fresh. Especially after a flight or a long train journey, as you can even use it on garments that you are wearing.

As we’re now into Christmas week and you probably don’t have enough hours in the day to keep on top of laundry, or if you wake up on Christmas morning and realise that you forgot to wash your Christmas jumper (do people still wear them?) then the Bosch FreshUp will be your best friend.

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This is a partnership post in collaboration with Bosch

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