The Eccleston Square Hotel Review

Bedroom w. private patio

In a sprawling city like London it can be difficult to find nice little places to rest your head in among the jungle of corporate hotel chains.  Thankfully a few of these lovely little places do exist, one of which is the charming Eccleston Square Hotel.  Dating back to 1835 the building itself comprises of 2 townhouses which have been lovingly restored by the current owners Olivia and James.

Nestled on the edge of Eccleston Square in London’s Belgravia the hotel claims to be the most hi-tech hotel not only in London but in Europe (quite a claim).  Each of the 39 bedrooms boasts a greater array of gizmos and gadgets than most people’s homes so I think they may be just about right to take that claim.  You can close the curtains, change the temperature of the room or the style of the lighting with the touch of button or order some room service from the in-room iPad.  Pretty cool.

Tech aside the thing I loved the most about this hotel was the homely feel of the place, the public areas while sleek and well designer felt more like a house than a hotel and all of the staff I encountered were really pleasant, I like that.  The colour scheme of grey, black and white was right to my taste too, it looks modern, clean and classy all at the same time.

I’m a shower guy  (and what a shower it is) so the lack of a bath didn’t bother me in the lightest.  I think without a shadow of a doubt it was the best hotel shower I have ever seen.  A massive double unit with rainfall or traditional head option.  There was also a TV in the bathroom just incase you wanted to keep track of the news or the football score.

Ah I nearly forgot about the HUGE bed (not sure how) which was out of this world in fact.  Each room has top of the range unit which not only adjusts in position it also pulsates, offering you a massage at the touch of button.

Eccleston Square Hotel, 37 Eccleston Square, London.

Eccleston Square Garden

Media lounge and canapes

Restaurant 2


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