The Manscaped Grooming Kit Review

Manscapped trimmer review

Find the right tool to tackle a spot of DIY can be the difference between success and resounding failure. When that spot of DIY is tidying up your nether regions this point is never more pertinent.

Picture the scene, it’s date night so you decide that a little essential gardening down below is a good idea. You pull out your beard trimmer (or worse) and set about your balls with it. Super risky!

Beard and hair trimmers not only mean you’re highly likely to cut or nick your skin (ouch!) but do you really want to be running the same tool over your face that you have previously used down there?

The Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0

Manscapped trimmer review

This is where Manscaped comes in. Their rechargeable waterproof Lawn Mower 2.0 electric trimmer has been specially designed for trimming down there and features their Skin-safe anti nick system and skin safe blades to prevent snags.

One full charge will give you 60 minutes of runtime which makes this ideal for travelling or trips away too.

The Manscaped Lawn mover 2.0 trimmer also features replaceable blades for extra hygiene.

I tried out the Perfect Package 2.0 set which includes the trimmer, a pair of anti-chaffing boxers, their very own ball deodorant and toner, a wash bag and a mat to catch those loose trimmings. The whole lot is yours for the special price of £74.99 with free delivery.

Manscapped trimmer review
Manscapped trimmer review
Manscapped trimmer review

Why should you manscape?

Keeping things tidy has a whole host of benefits. Not only is it more hygienic but it also improves the appearance.

Excess hair traps dirt and sweat and these can result in an increase in odour and bacteria, No one wants or needs that!

Trimming will also give the impression of increased length and make you look more attractive to partners.

Coming soon! The Lawn Mover 3.0

Manscapped trimmer review

This June, the Lawn Mover 3.0 will launch in the UK. The slightly larger, the upgraded trimmer will feature 30 mins more trimming time, a rapid charging dock and a led light for precise trimming.

Having had the chance to try both, I must say I do prefer the size and ease of use of the Lawn Mower 2.0 but I do really like the dock and fast charge features of the 3.0 so I guess it comes down to your budget and preference. both are great!

Head over to Manscaped now to order your Perfect Package 2.0 featuring the Lawn Mower 2.0 Trimmer for 74.99.

Manscapped trimmer review

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