The perfect storage solution for your watch collection

The Everyday Man

My watch collection has expanded in recent years and I’ve been looking for a while for a storage box that will keep them safe and that also looks good sat on my shelf.  I had bought one that I thought may fit the bill from eBay a while back but when it arrived I was pretty disappointed in the quality so my search continued until I recently discovered Stackers.

Stackers actually make a whole range of luxury storage boxes for watches, jewellery and other trinkets in a variety of sizes for both men and woman.  It was the watch boxes that I was most interested in though, so I was pleased to see that they had a range of units which could accommodate from 1 single watch up to their large box which holds 8.  I wanted something to house my entire collection which would make it easy for me to access them when I was getting ready each day so I got myself the large watch box.  It has a window in the lid, which makes it easy to see which watch I want to wear.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManAs I’m away travelling all of the time with work, I’ve also picked up one of the zip closure travel watch and cufflink holders which will ensure than my watches stay protected when I’m on the move.  Until now, I have relied on a zip pocket inside my bag to keep them safe which was hardly ideal, so this is directly a big upgrade.

As well as watch storage, the Stackers range also includes beautiful stands for phones and tablets and really nice leather catchalls for when you empty your pockets of your keys and other bits and bobs.

If you use my discount code John10 before the end of this month, you will receive 10% off your order from Stackers.

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