The Friday Five: Cocktails for Men

Summer has sort of arrived here in on the British Isles and there is nothing we love better on a sunny afternoon than relaxing in the garden with a refreshing drink or two or three…

Bond might drink Martinis, and the Italian mafia might have religiously drunk Manhattans, but there’s something about a cocktail that’s not quite… manly isn’t there? There’s a reason why one of the most googled cocktails is the Mojito – it’s nice and ‘unfruity’ looking. But that’s no reason to avoid a good mix when you’re tasting for a beer is done and you can’t quite stomach that vodka on the rocks.

We have joined forces with Late Night London’s Head Mixologist Jack Williams to bring you a rundown of 5 cocktails Everyday Men can get away with drinking.

The Irish Car Bomb

What’s manlier than a whisky shot mixed in a pint of the world’s thickest stout? Coupled with the fact you have to down it for fear of all the curdled Baileys, this is one heck of a man-maker. 

Recipe: ¾ pint Guinness stout, ½ shot Bailey’s Irish cream, ½ shot Jameson Irish whiskey

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Rusty Nail

Apart from this being a real Man Points of order (‘Three Rusty nails please’ has a certain punch to it, no?), this blend of perfection is essentially a happy marriage of two of Scotland’s finest whisky’s.

Recipe: I shot Scotch whisky,½ shot Drambuie (a herbed, spicy blend of whisky)

Nuclear Waste

This from Keith Richards: “Whiskey wasn’t agreeing with me anymore. The old body couldn’t take it. Brandy is a killer, and wine is best with food, so somehow I settled on this cocktail. Plenty of ice. Lovely.”

Recipe: 2 shots premium vodka, 1 shot Orange soda like Fanta, Plenty of ice

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 Moscow Mule

The first-ever vodka cocktail. And who doesn’t like breaking new ground and starting a trend, right? Rumour has it the creator had bought the American rights to Smirnoff vodka but was having a tough time getting rid – and had coincidently over-ordered on the ginger beer. It also straddles the line between being a great drink and not being a fruity colour to perfection.

Recipe: 2 shots Vodka, 2 shots lime juice, 220ml ginger beer

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Brown Butter Spiced Ale

There’s a heck of a lot of beer cocktails out there – with lagers going together with lime like ducks and water. But this is a mix with a difference and great for a lazy Sunday. What’s more manly than a drink with real ale, butter and brandy?

Recipe: 350ml ale, 2 tbsp browned butter, 3 tbsp dark brown sugar, ¼ tsp ginger, ¼ tsp ginger, ¼ tsp cinnamon, ¼ tsp nutmeg, A splash of brandy, Melt butter and add sugar and spices to create a paste, then add hot ale to the mix. Then add a splash of brandy and serve.

Why not try them this weekend and let us know what one is your favourite?  You can try cocktails like this and more at the Piccadilly Institute, London or for more recipes see Late Night London.


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