The Everyday Man Does Thorpe Park!

Thorpe Park Swarm

A couple of weeks back we decided to jump in the car and embark on out first big ROAD TRIP of the summer.  The only worthy destination of this monstrous event was the home of the country’s thrill rides Thorpe Park.

Thorpe Park is located just off the M25 making it easy to get to (assuming you live near the M25 that is).  Having not set foot inside a British theme park since a school trip to Alton Towers many moons ago I was excited to get inside.

First stop of the day was ‘The Swarm’, the parks newest and most thrilling ride.  The ride features a winged carriage in which you can ride forward or backward facing.  To get the best view we went forwards…naa it’s because I am a pussy really…and were off!  The ride takes you through billboards and scenes of destruction however you are looping so much and going to fast it is hard to notice.

My other highlights of the day were Nemesis Inferno and Saw: The Ride.  I think my brain is still bouncing about inside my skull from the slightly dated Colossus.

The park itself is not that massive and you can easily make your way around in under a day.  Assuming that there are no queues or that you purchases queue skip tickets.  Queue skips are something I would really recommend for the big rides at Thorpe Park.  For a few extra quid you can cut around 3-4 hours off your wait time.

Thorpe Park is definitely worth a day visit, fingers crossed if you head down you get a decent day weather wise like we did.  Check out the official site here.


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