Three new men’s summer 2018 fragrances

The Everyday ManTraditionally perfume houses produced light and fresh fragrances to be worn in summer months and heavier scents for winter.  Nowadays though, it’s not quite as clean-cut, especially with people like me  who like to wear fresh scents all year-long.  As ever there have been loads of new released this year and with an ever-increasing offering on in the stores now I know that it can sometimes be a bit difficult to choose a new one for yourself so I’ve decided to highlight 3 of my favourite releases so far this summer…

Eight & Bob ‘Robert F Kennedy Special Edition’ Eau de Parfum

Now this isn’t technically a new Eight & Bob release but instead a special edition release of their signature fragrance, ‘Eight & Bob‘ to mark the 50th anniversary of Robert F Kennedy’s death.  To mark the anniversary Eight & Bob are supporting the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation and the work they do towards securing human rights right across the world.

The unisex fragrance comes in the most beautifully understated clear glass bottle that is housed in a special commemorative box.  The scent itself has a woody yet fresh and I think that it’s absolutely perfect for the summer months.

Priced at £117 for 50ml

Mugler ‘Allien Man’ EDT

Alien Man is a leathery woody scent but it’s one that I’ve taken a shine too as it maintains a fresh edge.  I normally prefer a slightly more unusual and less mainstream scent but as an everyday go to, this one definitely does the job.

The thing that I really love about the Alien fragrance range though, are the refillable bottles.  It’s such a great idea and encourages cutting down on waste, which I’m all for.  Once your bottle is empty you can have it refilled by purchasing a source from your stockist which saves you almost 40% off the cost of a new bottle!

Priced at £52 for 50ml 

Dolce & Gabbana ‘Velvet Incenso’ Eau de Parfum

Everything about ‘Velvet Incenso‘ shouts luxury to me. It’s housed in a very plush velvet box that looks more akin to a watch or piece of jewellery than a fragrance and the bottle itself is simplistic yet absolutely extra at the same time.

Incenso is the latest scent to join the more niche, Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Collection.  It definitely drew me in, I really got the peppery notes and it certainly reminded me of a burning incense, but I guess that is the idea.  Not so much a traditional summer scent I suppose but one that will help to warm you into the colder months.

Priced at £200 for 50ml

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