Top 3 Bench Pressing Tips

Arnie Bench Press

Bench pressing has become the centre of most gym users workout plans if they intend to get buff for the summer. It is important to carry out your reps with the correct form to get the best out of the exercise, so we’ve compiled a short list of tips to help you perform the exercise effectively.

Body positioning

Getting a good solid base is an important starting point. During your reps you do not want to feel unbalanced on the bench or have your feet rising off of the floor. Ensure you lay on the bench evenly and your feet are firmly on the ground, near shoulder width apart.


Once you have the barbell in the air you want to be in control of the weight before bringing it down to your chest. Make sure your grip on either side of the bar is equal or you will waste most of your energy trying to balance it out.


Being in control of your breathing is key! Most people who struggle with the bench press tend not to breathe when they’re pushing near their maximum. Remember to inhale when you bring the bar down and exhale out when you’re in the driving phase of pushing the bar back up.

Hopeful these tips will help you push past your personal best in the gym and prepare you for the summer months ahead.


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