Top tips for finding the right fit shirt

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In order to look sharp and professional when wearing a formal shirt, it is vital that it fits you properly. Formal shirts for men should feel comfortable and should closely fit the contours of your frame without being constricting. As everyone has a different physique, finding the right fit for you can often be a complex and arduous process. The first step is to know your size. A surprising amount of men are unaware of their correct measurements and this is a major factor in purchasing ill-fitting shirts. High end shirt makers often provide expert guidance on fit and can measure you in-store but it is also easy to work out your size at home. Generally, formal shirts will be sized by collar and sleeve measurements.

To measure your collar size, place a measuring tape around your neck where the collar would normally sit. Put one finger in between the tape measure and your neck to ensure that your collar won’t be too tight. Round up your measurements to the nearest whole or half size in inches. For your sleeve length, place one end of the measuring tape at the centre of your back at the base of your neck. Lay the measuring tape over your shoulder and down to your wrist. Add an extra inch and round up the number.

Once you know your statistics, you can concentrate on acquiring the most flattering fit for your body shape. Extra slim fit shirts are the most fitted style and cater for gentlemen with athletic physiques, searching for a sharp, streamlined look. The slim fit is currently very popular as it combines both style and comfort. It is gently tapered at the waist and creates a relaxed, contemporary silhouette. If you are searching for a medium fitting style, choose the tailored fit as it offers a tailored cut that is not as generous as the classic fit and not as closely cut as the slim fit. The classic has the most generous cut and is suited to men who prefer a looser feel or men with larger builds. Traditional shirt maker, Hawes & Curtis, offers a range of high quality tailored shirts in all four main fits.


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