Tracking your progress with the TomTom Touch

Tom Tom Touch Review

Last month I introduced you to my new training aide, my TomTom Touch.  As well as doubling up as a watch the TomTom Touch is stylish and comfortable to wear fitness band that records your activity over the course of the day and displays your stats on a simple to use a smartphone app.

The thing that attracted me to the TomTom Touch over the other fitness bands and trackers on the market was the fact that it features the worlds first body composition measurement tool all from the wrist.  A very handy tool that allows you to regularly record your body fat and muscle mass percentages which is a great way of monitoring your journey towards tour fitness goals.

One of the things that I loved about the Touch is its sleek design meaning it can be worn discreetly even if you have to wear a suit and shirt for work, it will sit neatly under your cuff.  This means that no matter what your job or daily routine involves you can get an accurate picture of your daily activity at the end of it.

I’ve been wearing mine for a good few weeks now and have found it to be a useful tool in motivating me to achieve my personal fitness goals.  At present, I’m working towards cutting down my overall body-fat and have set myself a target of 12%.  When I started using the Touch my score came in at just over 15% and in the past few weeks worth of training I have been able to get it down to 14%.  A good way towards my goal.  

Tom Tom Touch Review

In the past, I’ve found myself putting the slog in at the gym but not seeing much in the way of results when I look in the mirror so I know how disheartening that can often be.  This great new tool shows me that I am actually making a difference even if it is not obvious at first glance.  It’s a great motivational push and has really encouraged me so far to work harder!  


This post has been produced in collaboration with TomTom Sports however all of the words and opinions contained are our own.

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