Uniqlo’s AIRism Face Masks are now available in the UK

uniqlo facemask uk

Face masks have become the new jeans. Everyone has a favourite brand, everyone will tell you there’s is best or the comfiest but in reality, we all have slightly different preferences.

Our faces are different shapes, our routines and jobs are different and our skin types all vary too so finding a mask that ticks all your boxes is not always the easiest task.

Personally, I loved the Puma masks but as they are now sold out I’ve been experimenting with other brands.

I’ve been waiting on the Uniqlo masks launching in the UK for months as if they are anything like the brand’s other underwear and basic garments I expected soft-touch fabric that is also good quality.

Uniqlo’s AIRism masks are manufactured in a high-performance three-tier system using their smooth and breathable AIRism fabric.

Although no mask can guarantee complete protection from COVID or other viruses, the layers in these Uniqlo face-covering filter out up to 99% of particles.

The machine-washable face masks are available 3 size options in black white and grey colour options and priced at £9.90 for a 3 pack.

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