Most Wanted: Canada Goose Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Expedition Parka Jacket

The Canada Goose Exhibition Parka jacket is no ordinary piece of outerwear.  Cliche as it may indeed sound but this is the Roller of all jackets.  Did you think we would make it our Most Wanted item of the week otherwise?

Back in 1982 when the first Canadian to tackle Mount Everest was looking for a rig out he turned to Canada Goose, that’s just how good these things are.

You know those research facilities that you see in the movies, where if you spend too long outdoors your fingers fall off?  Well, this jacket was originally designed to be worn by scientists working in such a place.  The McMurdo research facility in Antarctica to be precise.  This jacket comes with more features and technology than some electronics products.

As far as style goes, I think you would struggle to find a more iconic looking parka than the Canada Goose.  Of course, these are built for the most extreme of conditions but are good-looking enough to be worn in the depth of winter wherever you may be.  The distinctive white badge on the chest is a stamp of quality and durability.  As far as colours go this style comes in a huge array of them (I think there was 18 at the last count) but if you are making an investment in one of these you have to get it in the classic Red or Black.

Fat Buddha UK is currently offering new customers 10% off their first order when you use the code NEW10 at the checkout.  Quite a substantial saving on a jacket priced at £749.95.  The code is however available site-wide and there is plenty of stuff on there to choose from…

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