Most Wanted: The Farah Vintage Pixton Navy Mac


Autumn arrived with a bang this week round my neck of the woods and that has forced me to search for a new jacket to protect me from the elements.  While it’s not (that) cold yet the weather this week has got windier, wetter and altogether gloomier.

Thankfully I didn’t have to look very far to find the perfect solution.  Enter the Farah Pixton Mac in true navy.  There is no denying that this classic style of raincoat has become a mainstay of any gentleman’s transitional wardrobe.   A mac is easy to style up yet looks just as good thrown over some loungewear on a lazy Sunday.

The Farah Pixton Mac is shower proof and features plenty of pockets to keep your hands out of the cold and rain.  The golden Farah ‘F’ looks great against again the midnight navy backdrop of the coat.


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