We Love: New music from Tame Impala, wonder shampoo for fine hair, F45 Training & more!

Harry's Sandalwood Shower Gel

F45 Training (STILL)

I’ve already mentioned this on the We Love round-up before but I’ve been loving it so much this month that I wanted to shout about it again.

I decided in January that it was time to get in gear and to get fit again and with a little help from my local F45 Training studio in Glasgow I’ve been loving it. F45 Training in case you’re new to is a really fun group-based workout combing HIIT, Cardio and functional training.

A month into my F45 journey and I’m hooked! I can’t recommend it enough.

Find your local F45 Training studio here.

Harry’s Redwood Shower Gel

Since they dropped their first razor and shaving range in the UK a couple of years ago, Harry’s have continued in their quest to disrupt the men’s grooming industry with their range of good quality, fairly priced products.

Now that they have made a big dent on the shaving market, Harry’s have launched a haircare and shower range.

Last month they sent me over a sample of their new Redwood Shower Gel to try and with all my visits to F45, it’s come in handy. Firstly I love the woody scent. It also foams up to a rich lather that left me feeling clean, fresh and conditioned.

Harry’s products are not tested on animals and they contain no sulphates, parabens or dyes.

Shop the Harry’s shower gel collection here.

Bioeffeffect EGF+2A Daily Duo

I’m not sure if it’s been the weather or what bit I have noticed recently that my skin had been a little worse for wear looking.

I’ve generally got really good, clear skin but it had lost a little of its natural radiance and after trying a few different products I found the EGF+2A Daily Duo from Bioeffect to be the little boost that I was in need of.

It’s a 2 step process that has been designed to moisturise, firm and protect the skin while leaving it looking rested and feeling younger.

Part 1 is an intense anti-ageing concentrate that reduces the appearance of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

Part 2 is a protective treatment that helps to shield the skin from further damage from the likes of pollution.

The treatment costs £195 so it’s certainly not cheap but as I’ve seen great results after use I’d highly recommend it.

Shop the Bioeffect Daily Duo here.

Living Proof ‘Full’ Haircare range

I used to be one of those guys who thought that shampoo was shampoo and I’d simply pick up any old brand to use on my hair. Some experimenting and educating has taught me that that is not the case.

Washing your hair with a product designed to meet your needs will be the world of difference and can avoid this ‘bad hair days’.

I recently discovered the Living Proof brand and after trying a few of their products I’ve realised that my hair never styles as well or looks as good as it does after I’ve washed and conditioned with the Living Proof ‘Full’ products.

If you have fine, flat or thin hair then I’d really recommend giving this a try. It uses their patented molecule to look and behave like fuller, thicker hair.

Shop the Living Proof Full range here.

Tame Impala ‘The Slow Rush’

I love the influx of new music that drops at this time of year. Ahead of the summer festival/touring season, it’s a big-time for bands to drop their new music and last week Tame impala dropped a biggie.

‘The Slow Rush’ is the fourth album from the Australian who are best known for the track ‘The Less I know The Better’.

The track ‘Instant Destiny’ is already the stand out on the album for me. It’s dreamy, chilled and beautiful.

A blue-sky album that sounds great when unwinding or on a sunny morning at home.

The Slow Rush is streaming on Spotify and all major platforms now.

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