Whats inside my ‘Jim Bag’? A look at my new fitness essentials

VerveOnes Review

So with summer drawing to a close I have decided that it is definitely time for me to get my head down with my fitness.  I love training and going to the gym but with so much travel lately it has been hard to keep down a regular routine.  Now I have decided that I just need to prioritise my time a bit better and get a grip of things even if it just means squeezing in a 20 minute run in the mornings or doing some push-ups and ab exercises at home.

In terms of motivating me to get back to the gym there is nothing like some new gear to help me on my way so I have picked myself up a few new bits with the hope that they do they trick!

Motorola VerveLife VerveOnes+ Earbuds

Motorola VerveOnes Review

I regularly find myself catching the wire of my headphones on gym benches and other equipment so I reckon it was about time I tried a wireless product. Motorola recently launched VerveLife, a new collection of wireless audio and video products which allow you to stay connected without getting in a tangle – perfect for me!

The flagship product of the new Motorola range is The VerveOnes+ which are priced at £229.99 and boast the use of a new generation wireless bluetooth technology that provides HD sound as well as waterproof protection to withstand sweat and rain.

The first thing I noticed was that the actual VerveOnes+ earbuds seemed a little bit larger that your average earphone but once I actually placed them in my ears my fears of them falling out never materialised.  They were lightweight and comfortable so I actually forgot I had them in.

Another thing that often annoys me about wireless products is the need to charge them constantly, sometimes I feel like I don’t even have enough plugs for all of my products.  These last up to 12 hours though which should ensure you get in more than a few workouts before having to give them some juice.

Canterbury Training Wear

By total accident it turns out my new training clobber from Canterbury perfectly complements my new earphones which have made me a little happy inside.  My OCD definitely approves!

Canterbury is of course best known for making the England Rugby kits but they also have a wide collection of performance training gear too. My favourite item was the Thermoreg ¼ Zip Run Top which kept my temperature regulated on my early morning runs and is great for wearing on the way to the gym too with a vest or t-shirt underneath.

Camo Jim Bag Holdall

Camo Jim Bag Holdall
Last but not least I needed somewhere to store all my new gym wear and what better place than the appropriately named Jim Bag!  The Jim Bag range now includes rucksacks, washbags and the likes but for all of my gym essentials, it has to be the original holdall which is roomier (their largest bag) but still lightweight. It’s big enough too for taking on weekends away which is handy.

I opted for the Jim Bag Camo holdall which like all their bags is made in Great Britain – which when you consider the reasonable £49.99 pricetag was music to my ears!

Photography by Jonathan Sword

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