Why you should think about updating your mattress

The Everyday ManI know that there is probably a big lost of things that you would rather do with your money than invest in a new mattress, but there’s a few reasons why buying one should actually be at the top of your list.  Sleep is important and sleep is something that lots of us don’t get enough of so the actual time we do get in the land of nod should be of as high quality as possible.

When you’re young it’s easy to overlook it but as we get older and as our bodies start to age and the aches and niggles start to join us we start to realise (well I did anyway) that comfort and a quality sleep environment is super important to our general wellbeing.

My old mattress was around 6 years old and I actually thought it was ok.  I’d invested much more recently on new pillows a big fluffy duvet, hotel style sheets and a mattress topper but the foundation of my bed setup my mattress hadn’t changed at all.  Now the official guidelines say that on average you should change yours every 7 or so years so I guess I was not far away from that milestone anyway.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManSimba got in touch recently and asked if I fancied trying out their Hybrid Mattress and even though I didn’t really think that I needed a new one I thought that I had nothing to lose.  An improved night’s sleep is always going to appeal to me.  My bed frame is a European double (if yours is from Ikea than it likely is too) but thankfully the Simba range has 12 size options, including the exact one I needed so that wasn’t an issue at all.

The mattress is delivered to your door and comes tightly air-packed into a box.  At first glance it can be a tad hard to believe that they have managed to get a full-sized mattress inside but once opened the genius system becomes apparent.  You simply use the handy cutting tool (provided) to remove the wrapping and the mattress becomes to come to life before your eyes.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress contains five layers that have been specially crafted to fit you and to ensure that your sleep is of the utmost quality.  At the bottom there is a zoned based which gives you pressure relieving support, above that is a layer of responsive memory foam, then the conical supportive pocket springs, a cooling comfort layer and finally Simba’s breathable sleep surface.  That all sounds good doesn’t it, but what was it actually like to sleep on?  In one word – wonderful!

The Everyday ManAs I said above I never really thought that I needed a new mattress but going from my old one to the Simba Hybrid Mattress was a revelation.  It felt thicker, firmer, softer, comfier and more relaxing all at the same time.  It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve noticed that I’m not waking as much during the night for sure.  I think that may be down to the way the mattress is built and that the springs are designed to reduce movement.  That’s my guess anyway.  The only thing that I know for sure is that my sleep has been great and I can 100% say that the Simba mattress is one well worth investing in.

The great thing about the Simba system is that you don’t even have to take my word for it.  They offer a 100 night sleep guarantee, so you can try this mattress out in your own home and if you don’t love it then you can send it back and get your money back.  No joke!  That is how confident they are that you’ll be converted.

You can explore the Simba range by heading over to their website here.

Disclosure: Simba provided me with their Hybrid Mattress for the purposes of this review but as always the opinions and views of the products are 100% my own genuine thoughts.

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