Win an Energising Experience with the Berocca No Day Too Tough Challenge

The Everyday ManBefore I was blogging full time, I used to dream of the day that I’d be in a job that allowed me to go on more holidays, have more time to train at the gym and to spend time with family and friends. Blogging seemed like the dream and working for myself ticked all my boxes.

The reality of life as a freelancer is of course completely different and as much as I am so grateful to be in the position that I’m in and to be doing something that I love, I now realise that I now find it harder to squeeze all of the things on my wish list into my week.

The first thing that slipped by the wayside when I went full-time as a blogger was my fitness. I always loved the gym and keeping fit in general, but I wasn’t quite ready for the affect that my erratic weekly schedule would have on my ability to train. Often, I would find myself taking part in an activity or trip that allowed zero time to work out and more often than not, I just didn’t have the energy at all. As you can imagine this becomes a bit of a cycle and before I know it my once daily gym sessions have been downgraded to little more than once or twice a week and that just doesn’t cut it for me, so I need to make a change somehow.

The Everyday ManThe Everyday ManBerocca recently got in touch and asked me if I’d like to take part in their ‘No Day Too Tough’ campaign and I instantly realised that this would be a great project to help me get some of my fitness mojo back. I’m hoping that this will be the little helping hand that I need to help me change things for the better.

Berocca, in case you’re not familiar with it is the effervescent vitamin tablet that contains vitamins B1 and B2 to help support energy release and B5 to support mental performance, to help you overcome your daily challenges.   It contains different B vitamins, including B1 and B2 which are scientifically proven to work with your body to help release your natural energy.

Now I know that getting a good fitness routine going again may not seem to you like the ‘toughest’ of challenges but as someone who has tried many times and failed over the past few years, it’s definitely a big personal struggle of mine and I’m ready to embrace it head on!

One of the first things that I’ve come to realise is that I’m not superman (I know that this may come as a shock to some) and that there will be days when I can’t actually make the gym or go for a run and that these may be for reasons out of my control. Instead of beating myself up about this, as I used to do, I just need to make sure that the next time I get to train (in fact, every time I train) that I make the session count!

The winter months can be long and a little bit dreary, so I reckon that I’ve chosen the perfect time to get this going. I’m setting myself a springtime goal for being back to as near to my peak fitness as I once was. It’s definitely achievable and when I get there, I’ll look forward to celebrating with a well-earned holiday detox from work – another thing that I struggle to ever manage to do.

Are you facing a tough challenge or just having a tough day? Berocca helps you feel energised and the vitamin B5 helps support mental performance, to help you overcome life’s challenges. As part of the #NoDayTooTough campaign Berocca is giving you a chance to win an energising experience for two! Just share your story with the hashtag #NoDayTooTough for a chance to win. In addition, 20 lucky runners up will get a free three-month supply of Berocca to try!*

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*Competition closes on 6th December 2018. Over 18s only.


  1. david cavender

    #NoDayTooTough going to the gym 3 times a week in a big bid to rid my type 2 diabetes -hard going at times but has to be faced to win my cause

  2. Aaron Joseph David Bowman

    #nodaytootough trying to organise events is so hard, but Berocca keeps me working those 18 hour days day-in day-out

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