Winter Must Haves: The Humble Padded Jacket

barbour quilted jacket

If I was to choose one signature piece of clothing to get me through the cold, winter months, it would undoubtedly be a classic padded jacket.

Of course, there’s plenty of other must-have winter wardrobe winners too but I reckon this is the one item that I’d be lost without. It’s a real go-to of mine.

barbour quilted jacket

I just picked up this smart black Barbour International hooded style from the mens zone at Very. It’s a modern take on a fairly classic style and features 2 integrated welt pockets for extra warmth and comfort.

At the moment, I’ve been teaming it with a pair of black sweats since I’ve not been anywhere much but you can style it up with some dark blue jeans or a shirt for a slightly smart look too.

barbour quilted jacket

A simple quilted coat is the ideal thing to throw on whether your heading to pick up the shopping, for a weekend walk or (rules permitting) are off to meet a couple of mates down the pub.



  1. Dave Griffiths


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