The 5 best roadtrip destinations in the UK

Scotlands Best Roadtrips

For a small island, the UK has some of the most scenic and awe-inspiring landscapes on the globe.  Sure we have our fair share of atrocities too but keeping a balance is important.

Many of us dream of taking part in an adventurous driving holiday, like the iconic Route 66 in the States for example but how many of us would get just as excited with the prospect of a trip around good old Blighty?  I will openly agree that it has not been top of my bucket list in the past but realising there is a lot to see, we have decided to put together a list of the 5 best UK road trip destinations on the British Isles.

1. The Scottish Highlands

Parts of northern Scotland are amongst the most remote and unspoilt in the UK, think open roads, beautiful landscapes and tranquillity…unfortunately the weather can be a bit hit or miss but that as they say is life.

The roads that pass through the Highlands are often very quiet and always incredibly scenic, making them the ideal destination for a few days of motorised exploration. However, as some roads are pretty remote it’s a good idea to make sure that your breakdown cover is up to date before you set off on your travels!

For those keen cinemagoers out there you may even recognise some of the highlands from the recent James Bond film, Skyfall in which Daniel Craig drives the vintage Aston Martin DB5.

2. The Isle of Purbeck

Located on a spit of land opposite the Isle of Wight (South coast of England), the tiny Isle of Purbeck can compete with the Highlands when it comes to rugged beaches and breathtaking views.

Roads on the Isle of Purbeck, are mostly quiet as they wind their way through villages made of local stone, across cliff tops and past lighthouses. If you want to make the most out of your trip, it’s wise to swap your car for a motorbike. Just make sure you have the right safety gear first. You can easily buy motorcycle gear online. 

3. The Lake District

Home to England’s highest peak and deepest lake, the Lake District is a place of stunning beauty and wild extremes. The road from Ambleside to Pooley Bridge makes a great afternoon day trip as it winds its way past Ullswater Lake and over Kirkstone Pass, resulting in a twisty-turny, memorable journey.

4. The Yorkshire Dales

Every single corner in the Yorkshire Dales offers drivers breathtaking views of the local countryside. Anyone who has ever seen the intro to Emmerdale knows this!

Dry stone walls, picturesque villages and gently rolling hills make up a landscape that would make Postman Pat feel right at home.

5. Cornwall

With mile upon mile of open countryside and rugged terrain, it’s no wonder that Cornwall makes the top five!

Pretty much any rural route in the county will offer you a wealth of fantastic views and great country roads, with very few busy routes or major towns to worry about. So if you’re plan for the coming weekend is looking pretty pathetic, jump in the car and get exploring.

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