Calisthenics workouts

Pull Ups Man

Not everyone can afford to pay for monthly gym memberships and for that reason alone the UK has seen a rise in calisthenics workouts. Either staying within the comfort of your own home or heading to a local park to take advantage of the free standing bars, more people are deciding to take up bodyweight exercises.

You may ask ‘what can Calisthenics do for me?’ The answer will vary depending on your dedication, but it can improve your muscular and cardiovascular fitness, body strength, balance, agility, flexibility and coordination if done regularly. If done with the right rhythmical movements it can also tighten up your core and prepare you for the summer when you need to show your abs.

The most common type of exercise to hit towns around the world is pull ups. Over the last five years people have meshed the usual pull up with exercises used in gymnastics for a full upper body workout, from the forearms to the traps.

These workouts have been so popular that you can watch people from different countries showing their daily workouts. If you do have the chance to watch a video or two, remember I did warn you about the abs.

Various groups and movements have been formed around the world like the Bartendaz in the States and Block Workout in the UK. Take advantage of the craze and try to incorporate calisthenics into your workout plan if you can find a suitable pull up bar or triceps dip bar.

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