Stubble or clean shaved?

Its a debate almost as old as the chicken and the egg (don’t get me started on that one) stubble or clean shaven which is best?

I write this post literally moments since I have fought my way through a week’s worth of growth with my trusty Gillette Fusion razor.  I made it to the end with just one tiny nick on my neck which is not bad going, but as I stare at my hair free face in the bathroom mirror I am left wondering what is the point?  Why do we men put ourselves through this process of scrapping away at our skin with a razor-sharp blade on an almost daily basis does it really look better? Is it more sanitary?

It’s a confusing process of what razor to use and then we are faced with the choice of what to shave with gel, oil, foam or old school shaving block and brush.  What difference does any of these make to the skin and the closeness of the shave?

Personally I am all about the stubble its less hassle and I think I suit it better.  Grab an i-stubble and just keep it tidy lads…no one wants to kiss a hedgehog after all

I guess it’s one of those different strokes for different folks kind of things but what do you think?  Smooth as a baby’s bum or rough and ready?


  1. Rough & ready everytime!!

  2. Stubble is defo sexy!

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