If you are SERIOUS about the gym its time to beast your legs

Unless you are some twisted sadist then like me the words LEG DAY will most likely send a shiver throughout your body.  Not the most glamorous or rewarding part of your physique you may think but a little effort once a week can make all the difference to your other workouts.

Key to any good leg workout is squats, lots and lots of squats the deeper the better so take some inspiration from Diddy and ‘Get Yo Ass On The Floor’.  Lifting heavy always feels good when in the gym but firstly perfect the technique and get as LOW as possible before you worry about what you are lifting.

In all seriousness, chicken legs are not a good look especially as the summer is on the way and you will soon have nowhere to hide them from the world.  No matter how hench you may think your upper body is a balanced shape will help to improve your overall appearance and the time is now to start doing something about them.

I only addressed my phobia of ‘Leg Day’ a couple of months ago so have not had long to get into the swing of things however with a few sessions now under my belt I can safely say it gets better and easier.  As you get into it you will find that the next day John Wayne walk is an unavoidable side effect but at least these shows that they are working hard.

A few simple exercises are all that’s needed to build some decent shape.  The routine I have been following involves Shoulder Laden Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges, Leg Extensions and Leg Curls followed by a well-earned soak in the nearest jacuzzi to recover. I also like to include pull up bands to mix things up a bit.

But don’t just take my word for it, get down and try for yourself!

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  1. Haha, I suppose I’m a “twisted sadist”, leg day is my favorite workout. People may not see your legs a lot, especially upper legs, but they sure do see big weight up on the squat rack, and working legs will help make the rest of your body stronger, and will make you run faster and jump higher.

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