Serious Mass has the Serious TASTE!

When I look for a new protein supplement for the gym I want one that works well first and foremost.  Then I take into account the cost and lastly the taste.  Recently I have been trying a lot of the myprotein range which is hard to beat for value for money.

Finding a great tasting shake that also works well is pretty rare in my experience however I think I have stuck it lucky with Serious Mass by Optimum Nutrition.  Now this is a gainer product (the name gives that away) so it’s not for everyone but if that is what you are looking for it’s pretty good.  I got the banana flavour to try this time and I have been literally look forward to my next serving I like the taste that much!  it also mixes really leaving no residue in the shaker which is another pet hate of mine.

It’s only been a few day’s since I switched to this product so it is too early to judge the results but it seems to be working well…and its currently 40% off online at the Optimum nutrition store so well worth a shot!   One word of warning though the ‘serving’ size of 2 scoops means you only get 8 shakes out of the 2.7kg tub which ain’t a lot I prefer to take 1 scoop more often and it last’s a bit longer.

Have you tried this or a similar gainer?  Tell me what you think…

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