adidas Originals ‘Crash & Collide’ Project

‘Fight for Originality’ by Astan Istval

Unless this is your visit to The Everyday Man you will be aware that Art & Fashion are 2 pretty huge passions of mine. Each has its own unique ability to inspire, educate and motivate the masses. Combine both elements together and the results are often pretty spectacular.

This year adidas Originals have been running their #unitealloriginals campaign which encourages style makers to combine cultures and trends to produce original styles. The ‘Crash & Collide’ competition was launched back in April to coincide with this where they challenged artists to come up with a collision on paper featuring an aspect of the adidas Originals. This piece had to include at least one aspect of the adidas Originals brand heritage. This could have been a shoe, colour scheme, the three stripes or something else that screams adidas to the artist. Aside from this mandatory element there were no parameters to the rest of the design, the entrants had a blank canvas to work from.

I have had a butcher’s through the entrants who made it onto the competition shortlist. There are some pretty elaborate and imaginative creations. My personal favourite also took the people’s choice award and was titled ‘Fight for Originality’ by Astan Istval (shown above). It features 2 clashing personalities represented by different colour palettes going head to head with each other. It encapsulates the vibrancy, passion and cutting edge aspect of the collection perfectly.

Go to to view the entrants and winning works of ‘Crash & Collide’ art. You can shop the adidas Originals collection here

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