Dynamo ‘The Magic’s In The Max’ @ Wireless

Dynamo works his magic at Wireless for Pepsi

Dynamo has been causing another stir at the recent Yahoo! Wireless festival at London’s Olympic Park. A few weeks back we brought you the first installment in the Pepsi Max and Dynamo series which saw him levitate against a London bus…still trying to figure out how he does that! This time the master of magic headed along to Wireless.

The 2013 Wireless festival was pretty much a who’s who of the music industry with the likes of Jay Z (note he dropped the hyphen), Rihanna and Justin Timberland. In fact the line-up included over 100 acts over the course of the weekend.

Dynamo who is now the face of Pepsi Max in the UK put his skills to the test by channelling some of the reveller’s minds. His aim was to work out which act they were most looking forward to seeing the most at the festival. It may sound easy but with over 100 possibilities it takes a little more than guess-work.

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