Backup your phone every time you charge with the MEEM Memory Cable

MEEM Cable

When it comes to backing up my iPhone I am extremely lazy, I hate those pop-up reminders and the whole iCloud thing in general. With all that said when I get a new phone or encounter any glitches I find myself close to a nervous breakdown at the thought of losing the contents of my phones memory.   In short I do want to keep a backup but want something that just does the job with no hassle and no time commitment from me.

Well after a bit of research online I found the MEEM Memory Cable and it might just be the answer to all my prayers. It doesn’t matter whether you use an Android or Apple device the magic in this device is all in the charging cable itself as every time you plug your phone into power the MEEM Memory Cable begins to download a backup of your device. Pretty much all smartphone users need to charge their device everyday and so by switching your current wire for this one you will always have an up to date backup if required.

If you lose, break or replace your phone (assuming you keep the cable in a safe place) you will always be able to pull up a backup of your precious files and contact information.  From a security point of view it is pretty appealing too as there is no worry of hackers accessing your files on the cloud or other online backup server it is protected on the cable with your own pre selected PIN number.

MEEM are currently running a Kickstarter campaign where if you visit their page and pledge you can pre-order for a March 2016 delivery where there are currently limited quantities at reduced prices of up to 30% off!

To celebrate their launch they are also giving away an iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 (whichever the winner would prefer) by entering their prize draw here.  Good luck!

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