The Top Adventure Sports of the Year

Downhill Mountain Biking

We’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2016, but there’s still a lot of time left for you to enjoy some quality adventure sports. As the name suggests, these are the sports that are a bit more exciting than your average football game and often involve you pushing yourself against extremes. These are definitely something you should try if you’re a thrill seeker, or you fancy a change from the norm. What you can find here are a few examples to consider:

Downhill Mountain Biking

What could be better than taking in some amazing views with the wind blowing through your hair as you speed down a mountainside? Well, this is just what you can enjoy should you wish to partake in downhill mountain biking. Like skiing there’s different difficulties of tracks to tackle, so you should find something to suit your abilities.


Skateboarding is great for improving your balance, but after a bit of practise you could also be turning some amazing tricks. Once you’ve got yourself a board and the right safety gear all you need is to get down the local skate parks and get going. Check online for tutorials though if you’re getting stuck.

Bungee Jumping

What’s great about bungee jumping is you don’t have to spend a long time training, you can literally jump straight into it. These can often be held at events all over the country, also it’s a fantastic opportunity to get involved in a sponsored charity event. Not forgetting the fact that bungee jumping is an incredible exhilarating experience of course.

Hang Gliding

Another top adventure sport for those with a head for heights is hang gliding. The feeling you can get launching yourself from the high hillsides and letting the wind take you over miles of scenery is without a doubt an amazing thing to do.


While going for a walk in the countryside can be pleasant on its own, you can make it more exciting and challenging by going orienteering instead. This combines your wits with your physical fitness as you traverse different terrains hunting down different places and reaching destinations within a set time. This is a great choice for groups of friends.

So, be sure to consider some of the above throughout the rest of 2016 and make this year one to remember. The additional benefits to getting involved in such sports is you’ll be much fitter, happier and healthier as well, so why not encourage your friends to get on board with this too?

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