Bond Moments Style Guide


What guy doesn’t want to look like James Bond eh?  Unfortunately for most of being immersed in the latest film is about as close as we will get to 007 ourselves but we do all have to take centre stage at some moment in time.  Be it a presentation at work, a wedding or some other event, there are times where we all have to live our own Bond Moments.

To celebrate the release of their Gillette Bond Moments campaign (which has seen the release of a limited edition Spectre Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball Razor) they have shared an exclusive style guide from Jany Temime, the costume designer on Spectre.  We have pulled out some of Jany’s top tips from the style guide to share with you.

Dating Style

James Bond perpetuates a level of confidence that cannot be ignored.  The key to this confidence is preparation.  Ensure your nails are clean and trimmed.  Whether clean-shaven or with stubble your hair should aways appear tidy and well-groomed, this shows the world that you take pride in your appearance.

Always accentuate your assets – whether this be arms, waist or eye colour.  You should always feel comfortable in your clothing so never wear something boxfresh to an important event.  This may mean wearing an outfit around the house to get comfortable in it or having it dry cleaned in advance but is an important factor in ensuring that you don’t look stiff.

Work Attire

First impressions always matter.  In today’s world of work clean style and confidence are important to your credibility and professionalism.  Jany considers a suit to be the best thing that can happen to a man.  Bond of course always wears a tailor made suit and if your really want to make a great impression you should strive to do the same.  Bond never wears colour.  This is quite intentional as the character is to remembered for himself, his attributes and personality and not for the clothes that he is wearing.

Finish off your suited looked with a great looking, modern watch and avoid the added bulk of a belt by wearing trousers that have side adjusters foe that perfect fit. Lastly don;t forget your pocket square.

Weekend Looks

For the weekend you may choose not to be clean shaved but in this case keep the edges trimmed and looking neat to feel and look your best.  Wear luxurious fabrics, don’t over accessories, ensure a perfect fit and avoid too much colour or anything too trendy.  Above all else your look should be timeless.

Shoes and clothing that can go from day to night are key in accomplishing the Bond look.  Leather shoes, whether oxfords or loafers add a touch of elgance but there is something appealing about loafers without socks, as according to Jany a man’s ankles are very sexy.

Formal Occasions

Facial hair MUST be groomed.  This can make or break a formal look.  The image of Bond in a tuxedo is iconic and one of the most sought after looks and the reason for this is the flawless fit.  Cufflinks are important and should say something about the man that you are.  Don’t ruin the sharp tuxedo look with a pre-tied bow tie, take some time to practise (and a little help from google) and you will master it with ease.

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  1. Nicely written article. I am very impressed with the idea of giving more attention to Bond’s casual style other than his signature formal 007 suits. I am a fan of not only Tom Fords’ 007 suits but also accessories they supplies for Bond movies including their glasses fabulous glasses. Matcheless suede blouson jacket Craig wears in Morocco also caught my attention throughout the shooting scenes in Morocco

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