The Stag Party Planners Checklist

Stag party essentials

It’s always a pretty big honour to be asked by one of your best mates or siblings to stand as best man at their wedding. Your duties on the day of the wedding itself albeit important are only part of your responsibilities as you also have the task of organising a killer stag weekend. You know the groom better than anyone else so in reality, you should have no problem organising the perfect event however you may want to consider these points before concocting your plan.

Drawing up the team sheet

Much like picking the team for a football match you need to include all of the right people on the invite list for the stag weekend. Consult the stag and find out who needs to be asked from the in-laws (we don’t want to start off on a bad footing by forgetting people). A mix of characters that will get involved with the activities, have a good time and bring something to the party is good.

A second ‘home stag’ can always be organised for the B Team or those who can’t make an away trip at a later stage.

When to Schedule the stag weekend?

Traditionally the stag party and hen weekend took place the weekend prior to the wedding but nowadays that holds less importance with more and more people venturing on foreign trips. Really it can be held anytime but it is best to be within shooting distance of the wedding itself when the big build-up is well underway so around a month (maybe 2) in advance is just about ideal. That also gives you time to recover from any injuries sustained from the results of a drunken fall or other shenanigans.

The location

Always a talking point. Much like the wedding, the stag weekend has become a case of everyone trying to outdo each other. Just remember that is not the point of this weekend. It should be all about the stag and is his chance to enjoy his last weekend as a bachelor so the focus should be the type of activities he likes (as boring or alternative they may be).

The cost will also be a factor here, try and establish how much people are willing to spend. There is no point looking at Las Vegas if the general consensus is a budget or £100 per person. Staying in the UK will save money on flights and travel but don’t forget activities; hotels and booze can often be a lot pricier here making it more economical to head for sunnier climes.

Get the money in early

Before you start using your personal debit card to secure a block booking for 40 guys try to get a deposit from everyone. It is easy to jump on board with the plan when sitting in the pub on a Sunday afternoon but sometimes a different story when the time comes to pay your dues.

Lastly, remember the number one rule what happens on the stag stays on the stag.

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