Coolest Men’s Shoes that’ll Go with Everything You Own

Looking to step up your footwear game this year? Whether you’ve got Karl Lagerfeld or Differio on your radar, every new season promises a fresh collection of cool shoes for men that outshines the next. Quite frankly, it can be just as overwhelming to find designer men’s shoes that can also pair seamlessly with everyday basics.

If you’re struggling to find stylish men’s shoes with mix-and-match potential, your wardrobe issues will soon be resolved. With a few tips and tricks, you can certainly create a trendy footwear capsule that covers all seasons and occasions. Factors like quality, functionality and versatility are so important for creating a cohesive footwear collection.

From spring’s laid-back vibes to winter’s cozy essentials, it’s never been easier to find fashionable men’s shoes with the ability to elevate your year-round outfits. Discover what made the list for the coolest men’s shoes that’ll go with virtually everything you own.

What footwear colours go with everything?

Before you splurge on newly released designer shoes for men, don’t forget that colour plays a major role. Does the overall colour palette of your wardrobe lean towards lighter or darker tones? We often forget to think about the rest of our wardrobe when we spot something we like, but taking a minute to consider colour can make all the difference.

Neutral shoes serve as the perfect canvas to showcase your personal style, whether that be coloured chinos or patterned meggings. Of course, black shoes are always a timeless choice, ideal for those office-to-bar transitions. (Just think of all the times you craved an Old Fashioned after work.) Similarly, earthy tones like navy, grey, and brown blend naturally with sharp, vibrant shades.

Spring Favourite: Platform Sneakers

Tired of the same plain sneakers? When it comes to cool shoes for men, few options rival the versatility of platform sneakers. Chunky platforms add an understated edge without going over the top. More importantly, they can complement most spring attire while also offering a stylish twist on the classic sneaker silhouette.

Although platforms were a retro 70s staple, they’ve toned down quite a bit from their flashy disco days. Today’s high-soled footwear styles are modernised for everyday streetwear, such as slim-fit joggers and graphic tees. Whether you’re doing some window shopping or heading for a weekend-long festival, you’ll find yourself reaching for these stylish shoes for men, especially for your next spring outing.

Summer Favourite: Slide Sandals

Looking to effortlessly complement your summer outfits? Designer slide sandals provide an unbeatable combination of comfort, practicality, and style. Originating from warmer climates, these stylish men’s shoes have surpassed the test of time for their laid-back vibe and versatility, meshing the look of chunky sneakers and flip-flops.

More importantly, the ease of slipping them on and off makes these cool shoes for men a convenient choice for any summer adventure. Thanks to their open-toed design and chunky soles, you’ll get plenty of ventilation and support, ideal for even hilly dunes.

Keep in mind, sandals are generally considered very casual. To elevate them, choose men’s designer shoes with noticeable logos or signatures. Style them with swim trunks and a linen shirt for a casual beach day, or dress them up with smart chino shorts and an airy camp shirt for a summer soirée.

Fall Favorite: Chelsea Boots

When it comes to cool men’s shoes that effortlessly complement fall outfits, few options rival the timeless appeal of Chelsea boots. Offering versatility and sophistication in equal measure, these men’s stylish shoes were named after London’s affluent Chelsea district, emphasising their understated yet refined aesthetic.

Embraced by style icons and musicians alike, Chelsea boots can seamlessly transition from casual to formal settings, making them an ideal choice for unpredictable weather and autumn holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.). With a subtle nod to almond-toed cowboy boots, their Western silhouette and classic design mesh beautifully with a wide range of fall essentials from slim-fit jeans to chunky sweaters.

Whether you’re navigating city streets or attending autumn events, Chelsea boots continue to reign supreme as one of the best shoes that go with everything.

Winter Favourite: Sneaker Boots

If you need cool men’s shoes for the winter season, sneaker boots are simply unmatched, especially for harsh weather. While they may look like the average sneaker, they’re designed with the best outdoor-friendly features like waterproof protection, lugged soles, and speed laces.

Additionally, they’re much more lightweight compared to traditional winter boots so it’s easier to get around in them. In other words, you’ll be navigating snowy streets and icy sidewalks in no time while looking super sleek. However, we recommend avoiding genuine leather styles since water only damages this material.

You can easily match these men’s cool shoes with a wide range of winter menswear, including chunky sweaters and puffer jackets. Whether you’re heading to the office or enjoying outdoor winter activities, sneaker boots ensure you stay warm, dry, and fashionable all season long.

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