The Davek Solo Umbrella

Davek Solo Umbrella

What do some men have against umbrellas?  They would rather get soaking wet than drop a few well-earned man points in order to take a little respite from the rain.  Here in the UK rain is an unavoidable part of life and therefore so are umbrellas.

Of course like us men, umbrellas come in a plethora of shapes and sizes.  I would avoid the brightly coloured patterned options and instead opt for something a tad more classic.

The Davek Solo is perhaps the most masculine of them all.  The chassis features alloy and zinc accents and the handle is finished off with a hand stitched leather detail.  Fancy.  Aside from the design and materials does it actually keep you dry?  Well in my experience I would have to say so far so good.  Even in the midst of the mini hurricanes we have frequently been exposed to recently the Davek Solo appears to be holding its own against the elements.

Another benefit is that unless you happen to lose this umbrella you may never need to buy another, due to the lifetime guarantee that it comes with.  The only set back is the price at a whopping £89, but as far as umbrellas go this really is the Rolls Royce and as they say you only get what you pay for.


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