Gift Ideas For Friends That You Struggle to buy for

Although you might know your friend very well, maybe more than they know themselves, you might find it difficult to buy them a gift when it comes to their birthday or a special occasion. This will likely be, as you want to give them, the most perfect thing possible to make their smile and show them how much you care about them and love them.

If you’re stuck for ideas and inspiration of what to give your friend for their birthday, here are some ideas for gifts to show that you care.

Give them a gift representing something they’re passionate about

Everyone has passions in life. Sports, music, travel. whatever it is, get them something that they can cherish.

For instance, your friend might have a huge passion and love for football. Hence, it would be great to see your friend’s face light up when you hand them a mystery box full of classic football shirts inside when you know that their passion is football. It really does help to understand what your friend loves and enjoys, as this can help you make their present as special as possible. 

Buy them some art

Another gift idea for a friend is to get them a print or piece or art for their home. These are items that people tend to keep for every and if they hang it on their wall at home, they will see it every day.

Think of something with a link to them, a place, a colour or a favourite artist. Or just go for something that represents their personality. They can keep it forever. You can even write a little note on the back so that they’ll always remember when you gave you them it as a gift.

A day out together

You do not need to give your friend a physical gift for their birthday or special occasion. Instead, you can give them a day out together, creating new memories and stories to talk about together forever.

You could make a day out depending on their favourite hobbies and activities. Or you could make a day out of doing something completely new which will cause more excitement and create the best memories together.

There are hundreds of day-out ideas that you can consider, including cooking classes, bar crawls, a hike in the mountains, or going to a sports game.

Pamper Them

A pamper bundle is a great gift idea to make your friend feel extra special on the big day, as it will prove that you hope they take good care of themselves when they have time to.

You can fill the bundle with their favourite snacks as well as self-care items such as a face mask, a book, or a voucher for a massage at a spa. Your friend might not often give themselves enough time to care for and love themselves. Therefore, you need to encourage them to make time.

See, there really are so many great gift ideas that you can give your friend for their birthday to make them feel extra special.

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