Things that you should have in your kitbag

Apatchy Gym Bag

Most of us these days spend a small fortune on monthly gym memberships but how many of us invest as much in our kit?  I’m guessing not so many.  Think of your current gym kitbag, whats inside?  Dirty protein shakers, smelly socks and broken headphones?

Firstly what about the bag itself?  In this age of man bags you have plenty of options to choose from.  You ain’t packing for a weekend trip so you do not require a suitcase, nor are you just going for a swim therefore something a little larger than a messenger is needed.  It is best to opt for a medium-sized barrel bag that will hold all your essentials, something like the style shown above by Apatchy.

What you carry back and forth to the gym will wholly depend on what you plan on doing there but I have put together a guide of 5 items every gym goer should have in their kitbag.  Stop yawning!  This is an important subject.  Remember failing to prepare means you can start preparing to fail…


As much as we like to think we are supermen the harsh reality is that before any workout a little extra kick is often required.  With the explosion of fitness supplement products in recent years there is now a massive range of pre-workout products on the market.  Of course this is a thing of personal taste, whilst some prefer a supplement, others may prefer a health snack like a banana.

Decent Trainers

As a fashion blogger I will freely admit that I go for visually pleasing trainers when selecting a new pair.  In this instance however comfort and function is important.  You don’t want to pick up an injury while working out.  Trainers are not the cheapest of purchases but spending that little bit extra will often get you a pair that will last the test of time.


Music can make or break a workout.  Have you ever forgetting to pack some and just felt deflated?  Make sure you keep a set in your kitbag to avoid this happening.  Rock or dance music are said to be the best options to get the blood pumping, so choose one of these to get you moving.

Post gym shake

After you blitz your body it is important to reward it with some well-earned whey protein to stimulate your muscles. The 60 minutes directly after you complete your workout are often touted as the critical period in which your body requires replenishment. Again some people may prefer to have a sit down healthy meal. There is no problem with that either but for convenience and all the things your body needs a protein shake is often the best choice.

Change of clothes

Don’t get caught out when you jump out of the shower to discover you forgot to bring a change…I think we have all been there at least once.  At the very least make sure you pack some clean kecks.


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