LCM: Backstage @ James Long London with Fudge

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London Collections: Men or LCM as it is more commonly known has just come to a wrap for another year.  Once again a huge highlight of the men’s fashion calendar as big names such as Burberry, Moschino & Tom Ford showed off their forthcoming designs for Autumn/Winter 2015…yes you have to wait the best part of a year before you will see any of these styles hitting the shops.

Every year I always make a point of going along to as many of the shows as possible, the huge circus and buzz surrounding each fashion show is something to behold.  Even though the final presentation may only last a few minutes, this is, of course, the culmination of months of hard work by the designers and their respective teams.

Yesterday I was invited along with backstage at the James London London show by the guys at Fudge, a chance for me to see things from the other side of the curtain and just how manic it can be prepping the show and styling the models in such a short space of time.

I met with John Vial, the creative director of Fudge who had crafted the look to complement the James Long collection.  The hair was pretty relaxed compared with some of the previous James Long LCM shows with a scruffy tussled look being the order of the day.  The look is crafted using the Fudge salt spray (which I regular use myself) and their Hair Shaper to pick out and work on detail.  Below you can see one of the models before and after their hair was styled by the Fudge team.  I like it.

Fudge, Fashion week, LCM, James Long, London, Hair

Considering the number of models to be dressed, styled and whatever else and the size of the backstage team I was pretty amazed at how calm things actually were.  I expected tantrums, diva moments and the likes and saw none.  I guess that all goes down to good organisation and a good clear vision, not to mention lots of hard work from everyone to make the show happen.

Fudge, Fashion week, LCM, James Long, London, Hair

Fudge, Fashion week, LCM, James Long, London, Hair







Once the Fudge team had just about finished putting the finishing touches to the looks I snuck outside into the Old Sorting Office show space to watch the show and see the culmination of the morning’s work.  You can see a teaser in the video from our official Instagram account below…make sure you are following us @theeverydayman to keep up to date with all of our latest fashion posts and style features.

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