Life on the Road: When was the Last time you Just Stopped and Went?

North Face

Outdoor sports and equipment brand The North Face, recently conducted a creative #seeforyourself campaign through which everyday NYC residents were challenged with abandoning their responsibilities for the day and taking a trip into the unknown.

This is where the question of lifestyle is given genuine perspective; even it is only for a single day. It was surprising how many people were willing to take up the challenge, at least at once they had begun to overcome their inhibitions and understand the benefits of surfing the waves at Rockaway Beach or climbing the sheer face of the beautiful Windham Mountain. For some, it may have served a wake-up call to alter their outlook and embrace a more relaxed work and life balance, while for others it may well have been interpreted as the dawn of a brand new lifestyle. If nothing else, it will have helped hard working citizens to escape the rigours of everyday working lives and reinvent themselves for at least a few hours.


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