What Would Make You Replace your Android?


Whether it’s hype and rumours that is spurring anticipation of the new iPhone 7 release this September (2016) or simply great advertising, one thing is for certain and that is if what is being said about Apples new release is true then we are in for one of the best phone experiences ever, enough even to tease dedicated Android users to the ‘Apple side.’

We know and expect the high quality of apps that we have had in the past and we are also anticipating the ability to get rid of the installed apps that come when we add iTunes, which will please a great deal of users as unwanted apps have had to be stored in a folder on the home page.

Of course we also expect excellent security and Apple ensure us that even greater security will be applied to the new iPhones along with sandboxing and the usual security measure the company takes to keep your data private. All apps are rigorously tested (by real live humans) and this means that no matter what your app choice, whether it is battling zombies on an apocalyptic scale, budgeting your finances, or playing your favourite game at Bingosites.uk, you are assured of a safe and secure experience that is both enjoyable and entertaining.

Some of the details that have been leaked of late and basing what we see with the iPhones in the here and now there are a whole host of features that first appeared on Android devices.

What is definitely expected is that the iPhone 7 will morph into something that is quite different that the IPhone SE, the look being changed by the ditching of the headphone socket hence making the handset a lot thinner (around 6 -6.5 mm, which is really thin and if you think about it could be a little too thin with people bending their devices by accident.

It was thought that Apple could make use of the Lightening port, but now there is also general thoughts that Apple could make a set of Bluetooth wireless headphones, apparently the company has registered the name AirPods for the new headphones. According to some, these new headphones will be very similar to the Motorola Hint which are tiny buds that slip into the ear and are hardly visible from the outside.

We can expect the new iPhone 7 and its larger version 7Plus to be released around September 16th if we look at back releases and a survey carried out by Goldman Sachs stated that 44% of respondents plan on buying the new IPhone 7 when it is released in autumn.

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