One Week Energy Challenge with MoneySuperMarket

man holding ipad

I hate the relationship I have with technology and the dependence I have on it at times. Devices, which were created to make our lives easier, are now taken for granted on a daily basis. But what if we were suddenly left without one of our much-loved pieces of tech?

Well this week I was challenged by MoneySupermarket to take part in their One Week Energy Challenge to find out just how much I’d miss said items. Ultimately they wanted to demonstrate that if energy prices were to spiral and you were not getting the best deal then you might no longer be able to afford to use things like your hairdryer, laptop or television.

So I had to give up one item for a week, which was a tough decision to begin with. Initially I thought my laptop or my phone but with my job this would not really be an option unless I was to take a weeks holiday. So I had to choose something that I make use of everyday but that did not impact my job. In the end I choose to go cold turkey from my iPad. It’s something that I use everyday but don’t rely on entirely for my job.

So the main things that I use my iPad for are streaming music, catching up on TV in bed or when travelling and surfing the internet. All things that I can still do from other devices so I thought to myself that this would not be all that tough. I was wrong.

I’m not going to pretend it was the end of the world to be without the use of an iPad for a week, on the grand scale of things it is not an important issue but when you are used to using something like this as part of your routine it gets annoying to go without.

Firstly I work normally from home and stream music from my Deezer (via my iPad) throughout the day as I’m working. As I had no iPad to use I instead steamed from my phone which drained the battery super quickly and caused my phone to die mid morning – disaster!

I travel lots for work as you may have noticed from my Instagram page. When I am in a plane or whatever I try to catch up with some television shows or movies on Sky Go. It really helps the time pass much quicker and takes my mind off of the anxiety I get from travelling. My alternatives this week of inflight magazines and the Metro did not quite cut it.

I normally grab my iPad for quickness if I need to check out a website or look something up and don’t want to open my laptop so this was the thing that I have missed most. Maybe I (we) have become a bit too lazy and expect everything at our fingertips but I guess that is just modern life!

Although the energy used to charge my iPad each week may not be catastrophic alas thanks to the great search tool at MoneySuperMarket you can always find the best energy deals that save you money meaning that there is no need to go sacrificing your beloved gadgets. If you want to make sure you are currently getting the best deal, MoneySuperMarket can provide the best possible break down of energy providers to help save you further money by switching.


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