Megaro Bar, Kings Cross

Hotel Megaro

On our most recent trip to the big city,  we were invited to Hotel Megaro, a lavish boutique style hotel located  a stones throw away from Kings Cross station. Our mission? Quite simple really! Work our way through the trendy cocktail menu whilst enjoying the relaxed ambience.

The bar itself, which is tucked away beneath the hotels in-house restaurant karpo, opened back in 2011. It offers guests a variety of Italian cocktails and a selection of plates picked by the chef. The setting?  We would describe it as a late 19th century train carriage. Cinema style seating, marble tables, red and gold decor etc. It works well!

If you’re in town and unsure of where to go, we would suggest calling in and having Nico (the genuine Italian mixologist…fancy!) rustle you up something to help you step away from the normal hustle of everyday London. Enjoy!

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