Most Wanted: The Creed Aventus Candle

creed aventus candle

So we’re a year into Covid and we’re spending more time at home than ever. I’m sure like most of the country, you probably spent a bit of time during lockdown 1.0 doing the odd bit of DIY.

This time around my motivation to reach for the paintbrush has seriously dropped, and that’s perfectly ok. One thing that I am enjoying however is creating the perfect chilled atmosphere at home.

For me, the ideal setting it some chilled jazz music, a whisky and one of my favorite scents wafting throughout the place.

With shops shut, it’s not so easy to pop out and have a sniff around the candle section to find something that you like so when hunting for a new luxury candle, it’s best to play it safe with a scent that you already love.

Creed recently launched a collection of candles which allow you to extend their extraordinary fragrance experience into your home and the good news is that their popular Aventus fragrance is available in candle format.

Yes, you heard that correct, you can make your whole home smell like the dreamy Creed scent. Just imagine how that is going to go down once you are allowed visitor’s back round again.

The 200g Creed Aventus candle is priced at £100 which may seem a lot for a candle but if you burn it little and often then it will last you a considerable amount of time. I found that burning it for around 45 minutes was enough to leave the scent lingering for an entire evening.

Explore the Creed candle collection here.

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